Our History

2003: After gaining years of experience in the export business, Sébastien Defawe decided to establish his own company, Nanumea Export. This company started by representing beverage brands in the Caribbean market, mainly the French Antilles.

2004: The activities extended to Africa, becoming the main market for Nanumea Export. The number of brands represented increased up to more than 40 product categories, including not only beverages but also, canned and milk products, pasta, among others.

2008: After a long path of more than 10 years in the Export Department of several Spanish manufacturing companies, leaders in the international food and beverage industry, Mark Verheijen founded Colned Export. From the beginning, Colned joined Nanumea, combining their resources and offering their clients a wider range of products.

2010: Nanumea-Colned launched its first own brand of canned juice: WOW. From that moment on, the development of private labels has become one of the main strategies of our company.

2012: Foodibev International was created in order to manage the private labels. The know-how in export joined with the gathered experience among the years, has allowed expanding our group into new markets like Asia, as well as consolidating a wide range of products, adjusted to the specific needs of each market.

2014: Today, Nanumea-Colned Group continues to grow, and in fact, finished the year 2013 exporting more than 5000 containers to more than 80 countries all around the world.

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